Here is the 2017 Game Schedule for the Koufax (13-14 year old) league.

                                                              Home team is listed first.

                                                         All games start start at 6:00 PM


      Monroe                                                       Decatur Teams                                  Ossian                                           

   HME Crusher's                                        Master's Heating & Cooling                      Mi Casa

Harvest Land Co-Op                                              Braves

                                            Berne                                                             Bluffton    

                                             Gold                                                         Quality Car Care

                                             Black                                                          Yergy's BBQ


                                                   2017 Schedule

April 24  ‐  Monday         

                        HME "Crushers"      VS      Braves

                        Gold        VS   Elks

                         Quality Car Care    VS   Master's Heating & Cooling

                         Mi Casa     VS      Harvest Land Coop                                          

April 25  ‐  Tuesday       

                        Master's Heating & Cooling    VS    Braves

                        Black      VS       Yergy's BBQ

April 26  ‐  Wednesday 

                        Harvest Land Coop    VS     Elks        Braves    VS    Quality Car Care

                        Gold    VS     HME "Crushers"

                        Mi Casa     VS   Black

April 27  ‐  Thursday     

                        Master's Heating & Cooling    VS    Yergy's BBQ

                        Quality Car Care   VS    HME "Crushers

May 1st  ‐  Monday      

                        Harvest Land Coop     VS    Gold

                        Black    VS   Master's Heating & Cooling         


                        Yergy's BBQ    VS    Quality Car Care

May 2 - Tuesday 

                        HME "Crushers"    VS   Mi Casa

                        Master's Heating & Cooling   VS  Harvest Land Coop

                        Black    VS      Braves

 May 3  ‐  Wednesday 

                        Gold     VS    Yergy's BBQ

                         Elks    VS    Master's Heating & Cooling

                         Mi Casa     VS      Braves    

May 5  ‐  Friday           

                        Braves    VS   Gold

                        Quality Car Care     VS    Elks

 May 6  ‐  Saturday    

                        HME "Crushers"     VS     Harvest Land Coop  (time Tbd)


May 8  ‐  Monday        

                        Gold    VS  Black

                         Yergy's BBQ   VS   Harvest Coop

                         Mi Casa     VS   Quality Car Care

May 10  ‐  Wednesday    

                        Harvest Land Coop   VS  Black    

                        Gold    VS    Quality Car Care

                        Yergy's BBQ    VS  HME "Crushers"

                        Mi  Casa    VS     Elk

May 11  ‐ Thursday        

                        HME "Crushers"    VS   Black

 May 12 ‐ Friday                

                        Black    VS    Elks

 May 15  ‐  Monday         

                        HME "Crushers"    VS    Black

                         Gold    VS    Mi Casa

                         Quality Car Care    VS    Harvest Land Coop   

 May 16  ‐  Tuesday     

            Master's Heating & Cooling   VS  Gold

May 17 - Wednesday

                         Harvest Land Coop    VS   Braves 

                         Master's Heating & Cooling VS  Mi Casa

                         Black    VS     Quality Car Care

                         Yergy's BBQ    VS    Elks

 May 18 ‐ Thursday      

                        HME "Crushers"    VS    Master's Heating & Cooling

                         Yergy's BBQ    VS   Braves    

May 19  ‐  Friday         

                        Gold     VS    Harvest Land Coop

                         Elks    VS     Braves  

May 22 ‐ Monday       

                        Master's Heating & Cooling   VS   Quality Car Care

                        Elks    VS    Harvest Land Coop

 May 23 ‐ Tuesday    

                        HME "Crushers"    VS   Quality Car Care

                        Braves   VS    Mi Casa

May 24‐ Wednesday    

                        Harvest Land Coop   VS  Mi Casa

                        Gold     VS    Elks   (Elks is home.... Played in Berne)

                        Yergy's BBQ    VS     Black

May 25 ‐  Thursday      

                        HME "Crushers"    VS  Gold     Black     VS    Mi Casa

                        Quality Car Care    VS   Braves

                        Master's Heating & Cooling     VS    Yergy's BBQ  (Bluffton is home....played in Decatur)


May 30  ‐ Tuesday     

                        Harvest Land Coop   VS   Masters Heating & Cooling                                         

                        Mi Casa    VS   HME "Crushers"      

 May 31 ‐ Wednesday   

                        Braves    VS    Black

                        Yergy's BBQ    VS    Gold

                        Elks    VS    Mi Casa  

 June 1 ‐ Thursday    

                        Harvest Land Coop    VS    HME "Crushers"

                        Masters Heating & Cooling   VS   Black

                        Elks     VS    Quality Car Care

 June 2 ‐ Friday          

                        Master's Heating & Cooling    VS   Elks          


                        Quality Car  Care    VS    Yergy's BBQ


 June 5 ‐  Monday    

                        Braves   VS    Yergy's BBQ

                        Elks    VS     HME "Crushers"

 June 6  ‐  Tuesday     

                        Harvest Land Coop   VS  Yergy's BBQ

                        Master's Heating & Cooling   VS   HME "Crushers"

 June 7‐ Wednesday  

                        Gold    VS   Braves

                        Elks    VS   Black

                        Mi Casa   VS    Yergy's BBQ                                           

June 8 ‐ Thursday      

                        Braves   VS   Master's Heating & Cooling

                        Black  VS   Harvest Land Coop

                        Quality Car Care    VS   Gold

June 9 ‐ Friday            

                        Black   VS   Gold

                        Quality Car Care    VS    Mi Casa

June 12 – Monday       

                        Braves    VS    HME "Crushers"

                        Gold    VS    Master's Heating & Cooling


                        Quality Car Care    VS    Black


June 13  ‐ Tuesday        

                        Harvest Land Coop   VS   Quality Car Care

                         Braves    VS   Elks

June 14  ‐ Tuesday        

                        Elks   VS   Yerg's BBQ

                        Mi Casa VS Gold

June  15 - Thursday       

                        HME "Crushers"     VS   Yerg's BBQ

                        Braves   VS    Harvest Land Coop

Download this file (2017 KOUFAX SCHEDULE.pdf)2017 KOUFAX SCHEDULE.pdf