NABL 8U Tournament Rules:

Age Limit
Any player turning 9 years old or older on or before May 1, is ineligible for this tournament. Player must have played in your league in the current season. Players that may be questionable due to the physical size or abilities need to bring a birth certificate.

  1. This is a Coach Pitch Tournament

  2. Base Length is 60 feet with a lined circled area in middle of field (mound area)

  3. Pitching distance from home plate to pitching rubber shall be approximately (46ft). Both pitchers feet must remain in the circle for the duration of the pitch and pitch must be overhand in order to teach players to see the ball in a normal pitching release.
  4. The game will consist of six (6) innings or 1 hour and 30 minute time limit, whichever comes first. No inning to start after that time. If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, extra innings will be played during the seeded tournament portion only (not during pool play).
  5. Field ten (10) players with a minimum of eight (8) players.
  6. Outfielders start in the outfield, cannot be extra infielders.
  7. Every player in your lineup must play 2 innings in the field.
  8. Three outs or ten batters per inning. When the 10th batter is coming to bat, that coach must notify the opposing team’s coach of the last batter. Play stops as soon as an out is made or as soon as the player pitcher has control of the ball in the pitcher circle. Unlimited runs (batters) in the 6th inning.
  9. All players in attendance must be in the batting line up.
  10. Each batter gets 6 pitches, with 3 strikes as an out. Last pitch must be swung at or the batter is out, unless foul tip.
  11. No Bunting, walks, steals, head first slides or lead offs.
  12. For purposes of encouraging concentration on the bases, runners may leave the base after the ball crosses the plate. Players will be warned for leading off or leaving early the first time, player will be out on second offense.
  13. The ball is dead and the play over when the pitcher has control of the ball inside the pitcher circle. If the runner is not past the halfway point (30ft) to the next base, they must return without being put out. Umpires will make decision on this.
  14. There is a limit of one base overthrow batted ball.
  15. Batted balls to the pitcher in the circle is a live ball for making a play at first or any other base of the pitchers choice.
  16. Infield fly rules do not apply.
  17. Any interference by coaches makes that play dead.
  18. The batter will be warned for throwing the bat, 2nd time infraction of the same player will result in the batter being out. Bat limit is 2 ¼” bats.
  19. Ages for this tournament is as of May 1st.
  20. Games shall consist of 6 innings, however 4 innings shall constitute a legal game (3 ½) if home team ahead. The game is official if a team is up 15 runs after 4 innings or 10 runs after 5 innings. There is unlimited runs in the 6th inning.
Download this file (North Adams Baseball League 8U Tournament Rules.pdf)8U Tournament Rules