NABL 10U Tournament Rules:
(9-10 year olds)

Except for local exceptions as explained below, official Little League rules will be in effect.

Age Limit
Any player turning 11 years old or older on or before May 1, is ineligible for this tournament. Player must have played in your league in the current season. (All players must come from the same community league.) Players that may be questionable due to the physical size or abilities need to bring a birth certificate.

Game Length
Six (6) innings shall constitute a game. No inning will start after one hour and forty-five minutes from the first pitch. The Mercy Rule, is if after 3 complete innings a team is leading by fifteen (15) runs or after 4 completed innings a team is leading by twelve runs (12) or after 5 innings if a team is leading by ten (10) runs the game will be called.

Limitation on Pitching
Pitchers are limited to 3 innings pitched per game.

Hit Batters
After the 3rd hit batter in an inning by the same pitcher, or 4th total, a pitcher must be removed from pitching.

Base Stealing
Base stealing shall be permitted in accordance with Little League Rules. No Lead offs until the ball crosses the plate. Players may steal home on a passed ball to the catcher.

Metal spikes shall not be permitted. Only 2 ¼ inch bats may be used and must be approved by Little League Baseball of America.

Bases, Pitching and outfield Fence Distance
The distance between the bases shall be at least 60 feet and the pitching distance shall be 46 feet. The pitching mound shall have a pitching plate that is approximately six (6) inches above home plate and the batter’s box shall be three (3) feet by five (5) feet.

Starters may re-enter as subs at any spot in the lineup after missing an at-bat; this allows more innings for the first sub and gives the coach flexibility.

Pitcher's Re-Entry: Pitchers taken out will not be allowed to return as pitchers.

Number of Players
Maximum of 15 player roster. Teams may bat 11 hitters by using an Extra Hitter. Any ten of those may play in the field at any time. Teams that opt not to start with an EH may NOT add one later in the game. Teams with less than 9 players at any time during the game will be required to take an out for the open spot(s) in the batting order the first time the team bats through that spot in the lineup.

Play Rule
All players must play 6 outs in the field and bat at least once every game. In the event that a game is called early due to weather or because of a Mercy Rule and a player has not played the required 6 outs/ 1 at bat, the player must start and play at least 4 innings and bat twice at the next game. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a forfeit of the game (10-0).

Infield Fly Rule
Will be used in this tournament.

Umpires will deal with managers ONLY for discussions. Managers will be given one warning for conduct. A second conduct warning will result in the manager being ejected from the game. Any manager and/or coach who is ejected will be out for the remainder of the tournament.

Pitchers will be allowed 5 warm-up pitches per half inning. No team meetings prior to taking the field. Except for coaching a base, managers and coaches must remain in the dugout or outside the field of play. A coach may go to the mound to visit the pitcher a maximum of 2 times in a single inning or a maximum of 3 times a game per pitcher. Thus, a 2nd visit in an inning or 3rd total visit will require the pitcher to be removed.

A player must slide or attempt to avoid contact when advancing to the next base when there is a play at the given base. A player is not required to slide if there is not a play at the given base. A fielder may not obstruct the base path if there is no play at the given base. A player may not slide head first unless he is attempting to return back to a base during a pick off.

Download this file (Allstar Rules10.pdf)NABL 10U Tournament Rules